We work to empower and protect vulnerable people. From detailed preparation with service providers or self advocacy groups we create interactive performances, workshops, DVDs or ‘talking shops’ to achieve specific educational goals, such as abuse recognition. These are scripted to precisely define behaviour or improvised for joint-performing with members of the client group. Our facilitators encourage debate and draw audiences into clear understanding of complex issues.

See below for some Example projects we have developed...

Safeguarding for OLDER PEOPLE

Live interactive performances.

Scenarios devised with Kirklees Safeguarding Adults Board highlight relevant problems such as relatives taking over financial control, neglectful carers, the challenges of dementia. Audiences were invited to debate the views of each character, and may take over a role and show, by re-enacting the scene, how they might manage better.  Performances took place in community venues such as care homes in Kirklees.  Scenarios can be performed by Risky Things actors or by local volunteers after training.  (See 'Acting Troupe' work training in 'Older Citizens' work sector.)


CD recording.

To mark ‘Elder abuse day’, an audio recording of older people’s views has been edited into a CD to publicise the issue in Kirklees.  The interviewees define abuse and consider what can be done to prevent or deal with it.


'Playing safe' DVD

A DVD of short films has been developed from the Kirklees scenarios, with new a new film script. This is licensed for use in West Yorkshire by carers, those requiring care, and staff trainers. It includes three 'stories to set you thinking...' about how to handle sexual abuse (assessment & reporting), neglect in the home, and financial abuse.



Very, very positive feedback  (Sarah Carlile, Kirklees Council)
Generated a lot of discussion  (Safeguarding Manager, Kirklees Council)
DVD is a very good tool to get people thinking about these issues rather than having a written or spoken example                                                                                                                                                        (audience member)
Excellent training resouce - very well presented (audience member)
Good quality DVD and film, very well presented with local references that will apeal to local people attending training.    (audience member)



Live interactive performances

Risky Things has worked with Adult Protection committees, Safeguarding boards and partner agencies such as Mencap in Hull and East Riding, Wakefield, Kirklees and in CalderdaleRT actors performed alongside local service users to present scenes of neglect, of financial, emotional and sexual abuse, with RT facilitator Cathy Denford inviting audiences to decide what was wrong and what could be done (e.g. tell someone/report abuse).

“This has been a very sensitive project because of the challenges involved in helping people with a learning disability to understand what abuse is without causing them emotional harm.  Risky Things has exceeded our expectations in making this complex issue accessible to people with learning disabilities in a thoughtful, sensitive and creative way.”

H. Miklasz (Mencap) & C. White (Quest)

Film/DVDs for adults with a learning disability & staff

From the live performances storylines were adapted as film scripts.  DVDs were made with studio-shooting techniques, incorporating graphics and music. DVDs allowed on-going repeat usage with small groups in Hull and East Riding and in Kirklees.


Most projects are designed to benefit both service users and service providers, but we also devise separate staff training projects, such as the carefully scripted material presenting example cases of emotional abuse of children, to be assessed at a social services conference for North Yorkshire Area Child Protection Committee, or case studies for staff to assess in NHS settings in York


Moving On’ transition project for yrs 6 & 7 explores issues such as bullying, and positive coping strategies to meet the challenges of a new school.  devised for the Kirklees School Improvement Service.

‘Leaving Home’ for 15-18yrs explores risks (including abuse), choices and coping strategies.  This work has also been adapted for use in youth clubs and with young people in supported accommodation devised for Nightstop.

‘Are We There yet?’ encourages young people in KS2 to opt to wear seat belts, engaging them with music, joint devising and performing. This very successful show has toured most North Yorkshire primary schools repeatedly over the last 8 years.

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