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Blue Moment is a 45 min film drama made with the Refugee Therapy Centre, London.  A story of resilience and solidarity, it uncovers the mystery of a young woman from Africa seeking asylum in Britain today. A therapist helps her overcome her torture-trauma and a local bus-driver supports her as she moves through the challenging asylum process, abused and accused of terrorism. 

Paid for by Big Lottery, donations and crowd-funding, it is a free, online training-resource on this site. View it on our refugee page or contact us here to order a DVD.


                           Misha Duncan-Barry in Blue Moment

o mark the International Day Against Torture
o mark the International Day Against Torture
o mark the International Day Against Torture



Risky Things'actors Belinda Lazenby and Alex Clark

The new CARE ACT

This promises major improvements in the ‘wellbeing’ and support for those who need care and their carers.

At a conference of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) in Yorkshire and Humber we presented some perspectives of adults with a learning disability or difficulty, and their families, on what kind of care they want...                 

What do you think of the Care Act?  Have you been affected by it?  Tell us what you think or of your own experiences on our Facebook or Twitter page.



                                        Risky Things' actors Belinda Lazenby and Alex Clark in rehearsal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

'On the Edge' - Film about Homelessness

We have now finished our new film ‘On the Edge’ - a 30min drama about living rough in England’s current climate of austerity, featuring actors Andrew Dunn and Andrina Carroll. 

As well as entering it for film festivals we are making it available to schools, colleges and interested organisations.  Watch the film on our ‘Homeless’ page and, if you would like to show it to your group, please contact us for details.






Invitation to join Safeguarding Partnership for adults


We invite local Safeguarding Boards and Authorities to join in commisioning an 'elder abuse' project from us.  This could be a short tour of live performances split between regions, sharing development and rehearsal costs.  An audio CD or film/DVD is another option.  Existing scripts for Playing Safe in Kirklees could be used (see Safeguarding work sector for details of the Playing Safe project models).




Please contact us now if you are interested in any of the above.

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